Discover Effegie's Quality

Quality Handmade European Shoes.
Purposely designed by Podiatrists, our Hi Tech removable orthopaedic footbed collection provide optimal body alignment by giving ideal comfort and support to the heel, arch and ball of each foot.

100% Italian Leather

As this leather is 100% dyed using NO artificial pigments (sprayed paints!) that smoother and hide the natural leather grain, it requires the highest quality hides. Aniline leather is the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types. This leather, treated carefully, becomes more beautiful with age, with the natural patina developing a deep character over time.
Every season, Effegie development team selects the best Italian aniline leather to ensure comfort, beautiful ‘hand-feel’ and durability.

Individually Hand Finished
As all Effegie shoes and boots are made from natural aniline leathers they are all individually ‘finish by hand’ using natural creams and waxes at the end of the production process to give the shoes a ‘natural’ seal and a ‘truly’ unique optic. With this type of finishing you can see ‘into’ the leather like a beautifully waxed mahogany table top.

Stitch and Turn

On the stitch and turn construction process; the upper is stitched inside out, “Stich” and then turned to hide the seams in the interior of the shoe, “Turn”, without the need for a traditional thick and stiff insole. This specific process ensures ultra-flexibility and comfort.

Effegie’s Ultra flexible collection presents a unique “stitch and return” construction to provide the softest outsole and comfort all day long.


Breathable Lining

These linings are either naturally or have been specifically designed to allow your feet to ‘breath’ as you wear the shoes throughout the day. The materials allow vapour, moisture and air to freely move to and from your feet.

Light Weight

These shoes are designed with Hi Tech light weight outsole materials and internal components to ensure easy ‘all day’ wearability!

Warm Lining

Effegie’s warm linings are european made (predominantly wool) faux-fur linings. It keep you warm and cosy all winter.

Removable Orthopaedic Footbed

The Effegie removable orthopedic footbed collection is designed with superior comfort and support in mind. Every style in this series has been made to accommodate a removable, anatomically moulded footbed.This footbed is purposely designed by Podiatrists and manufactured to relieve pressure, maintain optimal body alignment and support the heel, arch and ball of every foot.The comforting and supportive qualities of the Effegie Anatomical-Footbed series may tempt you to take these shoes to bed.


The innovative removable footbed improves mobility and enhances comfort from heel to toe. We have designed this collection to have enough space to wear your own orthopedic insert. It is engineered to improve plantar pressure distribution.



The comfort of the Effegie Stitch-n-Turn Ultra Flexible collection has to be felt to be believed – few shoes are as soft and flexible in the hands and or beneath the feet.