Ultra Flexible Collection by Effegie

Effegie’s Ultra flexible collection presents a unique “stitch and return” construction to provide the softest outsole and comfort all day long.

What is the stitch and turn? 

On the stitch and turn construction process; the upper is stitched inside out, “Stich” and then turned to hide the seams in the interior of the shoe, “Turn”, without the need for a traditional thick and stiff insole. This specific process ensures ultra-flexibility and comfort.

This technic creates our Ultra Flexible collection.

What leather Effegie use for the Ultra Flexible collection?

Design to be the most comfortable shoes, Effegie is handcrafted with the finest Italian aniline leather. Softness enhance capabilities of breathability and flexible, luxurious contemporary outsoles that keep you moving.
This collection featured foam footbed padding offering support and durablility for all-day wear. 
Stay in and keep your toes warm and cushioned through the evening with our range of comfort shoes.